Lighting & Audiovisual

Lighting options span the range from the practical to the dramatic, creating the right atmosphere for your function. From fluorescent lighting to par cans, spotlights and  uplighters which can be used to provide either a dramatic effect or softer, muted tones.

You will be amazed how the right lighting can transform a marquee adding:

  • magic,
  • mood and
  • function

while focusing on the details that matter most. For that added dramatic touch, a range of specialist lighting effects can be provided.

Audiovisual equipment packages are available to accommodate any event.

We have a variety of Audio and Audiovisual systems ranging from:

  •  a simple setup for speeches and small gatherings
  • to fully equipped applications to suit the largest requirements.

Sound systems are available as electric or battery operated. They include a built in amplifier/mixer, speakers and a microphone but of course can be modified to suit your individual needs.

Technicians are available to install and instruct you on the operation of the equipment or can be in attendance to manage the audio visual and lighting components of your event.

Images shown portray a selection of available products, many of which come in a variety of colours, styles and performance outputs. As we are always sourcing new and innovative stock some items may not be depicted. Please do not hesitate to contact our events department to discuss your requirements and possible solutions.